You Can Have Inner Peace in Business

In business, we often think that we have to escape work to find inner peace.

However, right where you are, you can tap into your well of tranquility.

Often people save up and can't wait to go on vacation. But, they find flights delayed, bad accommodations, bad company, and everything goes wrong. It's now escaping to find peace, it's about tapping into your own inner peace no matter where you are.

How? By observing your thoughts.

The idea behind watching your thoughts is not just to be aware of the negative ones, and then suppress them, or ignore them, or try to fix them.

When you do any of the above, you are setting yourself up to be a victim. You are starting an inner war with yourself. Your thoughts will keep coming anyway like ocean waves.

However, when you just observe a thought, and not allow it to carry you into the future, or propel you back into the past, it will automatically lose it's power over you.

You just observe the thought without judgement, or criticism. Be a witness.

What you will find when you become an impartial observer to your thoughts, is that you will start to relax automatically because you aren't identifying with them.

Your stress will start to leave.

There will be a space, or spaciousness between your thoughts.

In that space, you will find happiness, and a peace surfacing. This is your true self.

Your true self is automatically happy. You don't have to get happiness. It surfaces when you drop the drama and the stories that you were weaving into a passing thought.

Simply see your thoughts as just words, waves on the ocean, whether they are positive or negative words or sentences. It doesn't matter to you, because you are no longer attached when you observe them.

What you will find, may be surprising. There will be thoughts of raw emotions and prejudices that surface that you had no idea were there before. Why? Because previously you have been covering them up, trying to be a "good person," with "perfect thoughts." You didn't let yourself see them.

Don't fight the thoughts. Don't berate yourself, or question why those thoughts are there. Observe them, and allow them to pass.

"Where Did That Thought Come From? That's Not Who I Am!"

Our thoughts come from our perceptions and beliefs about the world and our self images we try to protect. They come from our parents, our friends, the news, politicians, and just anywhere you can imagine.

Thich Nhat Hanh the renown International Zen master, and one of our teachers, said this, "Everyday we have at least 21 wrong perceptions."

Do you try to change your perceptions? No. That's a lot of hard work, which will just attach you more to your thoughts. There is an easier way.

Just tune in and observe them. Be aware when your thoughts come and go.

Once observed, they will automatically leave on their own. You don't have to try to stop them, which you can't do anyway.

Allow yourself to melt into that space between your thoughts. Enjoy it. Luxuriate in that peace. This is where you will find happiness and freedom.

WALTER H. JACKSON, Msc.D., the Attitude Adjuster, author of "Sporting the Right Attitude: Lessons Learned in a Troubled Family" is a versatile speaker who has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows around the country and

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