5 Tips for Growing Your Realtor Business

Every Realtor business is born with excitement and hope. Yet, the sad news is that many owners will struggle to survive and never see the revenues they deserve. This can easily be eliminated, even in tough markets, by a disciplined approach to growing your business. Here are some tips you can use.

1. Develop a clearly differentiated brand. Your clients have no shortage of choices to assist them with their real estate needs. To survive, your Realtor business must stand out in their minds as the best choice. A brand tells your clients who you help and why you're the best choice for them. We recommend this tool for help in creating a unique and compelling small business brand.

2. Invest in a professional, credibility building website. We've written extensively about Realtor tools like a real estate agent website elsewhere, so be sure to take a look and follow this advice. It took me 10 years and thousands of dollars to learn those lessons - not some book or magazine article - so save yourself the hassles and follow the checklist!

3. Spend time on your marketing every day. When clients ask me how many hours they should be spending on marketing, I want to say, "All of them!" Unless you have clients coming out your ears, you should focus every spare minute on attracting more of them. If you have a marketing plan, which can look like a simple to do list, you will always know what to do when you have available time. If your Realtor business includes other agents, they need to understand your expectation that they, too, work on marketing at every available moment.

4. Make testimonials a focus of your marketing. One of the most persuasive pieces of your marketing will be the testimonials of your delighted clients. Imagine having an entire page of videos, or photographs of handwritten notes you've received, in which clients rave about your Realtor business. This is easy to create if you set up systems for capturing client testimonials.

5. Get involved in your community. The best way to do this is to choose a few good organizations, some business related and some civic, church or school-related. In the ones where you're most passionate, take a leadership position. One agent I know was the president of her local networking group. She was top of mind every week and made a big impact, which led to her getting a large number of referrals, including from me!

These are just a few of the techniques I teach my clients and that I've seen work well for real estate agents. I'd love to hear which of these you've tried and what you consider the best ways to grow.

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